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                                           About Us

                                                          TEACHING ABROAD (THAILAND)
is an organization that recruits Natives Speakers to teach English in Schools in South East Asia Thailand.

While TEACHING ABROAD (THAILAND) considers other countries for placements, the primary destination of our teachers this past 5 years has been Thailand.
Each of the Thai Schools where TEACHING ABROAD (THAILAND) teachers serve are officially Government and Private schools in Thailand. One of the needs of schools is high quality English language preparation for the students. These schools are very eager to have Native English speaking teachers. Such teachers are provided for and warmly welcomed.

TEACHING ABROAD (THAILAND) strives to provide each school with teachers who work in a professional manner, who live with integrity and who honor their Thai students, co-workers, and neighbors. It is vital that teachers uphold our agreement with schools.
We hope you will consider this rich opportunity. Whether you teach one year or ten years with TEACHING ABROAD (THAILAND) you will be changed and you will help others to be changed. There are many students waiting for you. Won’t you be a part?

Brief History: TEACHING ABROAD (THAILAND) was founded in 2012 by Mr. Pieter Schoeman of South Africa.Pieter graduated from the University of South Africa ,Major Business Management.Pieter Schoeman has been in the Teacher Recruiting for 7 years now. Convinced of the great opportunity in Thailand, a board of directors was formed. The reason for starting TEACHING ABROAD (THAILAND) was not financially motivated rather than the principle of “We live by Honesty and Integrity”.

Most of our schools in fact all our schools are in the North and North-East of Thailand. Most of the schools in the North of Thailand cannot afford to have Foreigner teacher but TEACHING ABROAD (THAILAND) helps and gives them the support to do so. Also the North of Thailand is inexpensive when it comes to food, ACCOMMODATION AND  everyday life.
The North also has the most beautiful breathtaking waterfalls, Temples and RESORTS TO  take a break from a busy life that we all know.

“Thailand, where adventures begins “So why not start your teaching adventure with TEACHING ABROAD (THAILAND).

 Amazing Thailand

TEACHING ABROAD (THAILAND) is a Thai company located in Lopburi, Thailand. If you have any questions about our company or an ESL position, click here
Thank you.

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