Songloaslang School

                Lopburi: Songloaslang School


The fascinating city of Lopburi, located 155 kilometers north of Bangkok,is a unique blend of East and West, ancient and modern. Lopburi has a 12th century ruin of Kahmer origin that lies close to the rustic little railway station and 2 monkey temples that makes Lopburi known as “Monkey city”. Old ruins can be found in old town Lopburi.Night life ,markets and a good night out can be found in old town. “There is never a boring night in Lopburi”. 


School: A Kindergarten & Primary school with 900 students age 3-12 years.

Class size:  25-35 students

Location:  In the downtown.

Teaching Hours: 18-22 hours per week.

Contract: May 15,2017 to October 15,2017/February 28,2018


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Video of School: