Ayutaya Wittiyalai

Ayutaya: Ayutaya Wittiyalai School

Ayutaya  Wittiyalai school is located in the Large City of Ayutaya in Ayutaya Province.

Ayutay is known as the”City of Heavens” and most famous for its old Temples.

Night life in Ayutaya is lighted up with Karaoke bars, street vendors,night markets & Shopping Centres

Bangkok is only one hour from Ayutaya and you can reach it by mini van or bus.

Founded around 1350, Ayutthaya became the second capital of Siam after Sukhothai. Throughout the centuries, the ideal location between China, India and the Malay Archipelago made Ayutthaya the trading capital of Asia and even the world. By 1700 Ayutthaya had become the largest city in the world with a total of 1 million inhabitants. Many international merchants set sail for Ayutthaya, from diverse regions as the Arab world, China, India, Japan, Portugal, the Netherlands and France. Merchants from Europe proclaimed Ayutthaya as the finest city they had ever seen. Dutch and French maps of the city show grandeur with gold-laden palaces, large ceremonies and a huge float of trading vessels from all over the world. All this came to a quick end when the Burmese invaded Ayutthaya in 1767 and almost completely burnt the city down to the ground.

Today, only a few remains might give a glimpse of the impressive city they must have seen. Its remains are characterized by the prang (reliquary towers) and big monasteries. Most of the remains are temples and palaces, as those were the only buildings made of stone at that time. The great cultural value of Ayutthaya’s ruins were officially recognized in 1991, when the Historic City became an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its proximity to Bangkok make it a popular day-trip destination for travelers from Bangkok.


School: A  School with 2,500 students age 13-18 years.

Class Size: 35-45 Students per class

Location: In the City.

Teaching Hours : 20-22 hours per week

Contract: May 15,2017 to March 15,2018

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