Saritdidet School

         Chantaburi: Saritdidet School 


Saritdidet school is located in the Large City of Chantaburi in Chantaburi Province.

Chantaburi is known as the”City of Heavens” and most famous “Fresh Durian and Fruits”.

Night life in Chantaburi is lighted up with Karaoke bars, street vendors,night markets & Shopping Centres

The famous and breathtaking “Koh Chang island is only 1,5 hours from Chantaburi and the beach is only 30 minutes away.The latest Jason Staham movie “The Mechanic 2” was also shot in Chantaburi in 2014.Staying in the amazing city of Chantaburi is amazing and not one night will go by with no entertainment.

Full Moon parties is only 1.5 hours away!!!!!!!!!!!!.


School: A  School with 3,500 students age 7-15 years.

Class Size: 30-40 Students per class

Location: In the City.

Teaching Hours : 20-22 hours per week

Contract: May 15,2017 to March 15,2018


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Video of School: